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Goa, India


100 Hr Advanced TTC

This 100 Hr program is a bridging course for students wishing to gain 300 and 500 Hr Yoga Alliance certification. My 200 Hr trainings in Asana and Pranayama can be extended with this advanced course. During the 100 Hr advanced training the focus is more on practice and will contain many guided classes in aspects of Asana, Pranayama and Meditation. Its suitable for students looking for a retreat which is a practice intensive and also its full of extra information to extend your knowledge if you have already started with me.


All about the mind putting brain science into understandable terms. Looking at regions of the brain, neurotransmitters and electrical signals from the Yoga practice perspective.


Integrate the three key practices of asana, pranayama and meditation into a wholistic practice where each part supports the other.

Practical Curriculum

Taking asana into more personal territory. Choosing the right combinations of pranayama to suit your metabolism. Picking the style of meditation which takes you deeper.

About Noah

Over 10 years experience with the Yoga Teacher Training environment and 18 courses created and enjoyed with total devotion. Noah offers a unique opportunity to go deep.

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RYT 200 Certified Yoga Teacher Training Course

This 100 Hr teacher training program is internationally accredited and recognised as valid qualification for Yoga Alliance RYT together with either of my 200 Hr courses to achieve the 300 and 500 registration . Successful completion of the course requires 90% attendance.


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Asana with Noah Mckenna

Practice will consist of sequences covering several key features in practice. The focus here is on specialisation of themes in Yoga Asana which extends the general practice covered in my 200 Hr Asana TTC. Spotlighting the intelligent potential of these key areas can then be applied to the basic sequence to give endless creative possibilities for teachers to design classes based on helpful principals.

As always I will give the theoretical basis to describe why these specialisations are particularly valuable to get the most comfort in the body outside of practice. Along the way you have an opportunity to discover your own basic postural pattern, your alignment, strengths, weaknesses and muscles with hypertonicity. Also in terms of mobility finding your tight spots and hyper-mobile areas in your own body.

  1. Strengthening in the best possible way. We look at the different approaches to strength training in Yoga asana and see how to avoid creating hypertonicity or causing strain. Targeting the phasic muscles gives a lot of support and helps us feel secure when these muscle groups are fully functional. The idea is to target the weak areas and give strength where it is most needed so we also look at postural muscles which might be insufficient.
  2. Stretching the postural muscles. We hold tension more in a few predictable places like muscles which flex us and generally in postural muscles. Avoid strain by using facilitated stretches in supported positions.
  3. Moving the joints to promote blood flow. Single plane and multi-plane movements have two profound affects. The muscles that stabilise the joints have to communicate with each other so lazy muscles get switched on and tight muscles have to let go refreshing the nervous systems . Then contraction and relaxation of these muscles encourages fresh blood to flow through the tissues of the joint. 

Pranayama with Noah Mckenna

Meditation:with Noah Mckenna

Yoga Anatomy with Noah Mckenna

Yoga Physiology with Noah Mckenna

Yoga Neurology with Noah Mckenna

Yoga Alliance RYS 300 & 500 levels

This teacher training program is internationally accredited and recognised as valid qualification for Yoga Alliance RYT 300 or 500 Registration. Successful completion of the course requires 90% attendance, completion of all written assignments and the attempt to teach a 90 minute class.


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RYT 100 Daily Timetable

The course will run for four weeks. Full time 6 days a week with one day holiday every week. During the interval between classes there will be time for meals and homework.

06:00-9:00 Asana, Pranayama and Meditation Practice (Noah ERYT500)

9:00 Breakfast

11:00-13:00 Theory Classes (Noah ERYT500)

13:00 Lunch

15:00-17:00 Asana, Pranayama and Meditation Workshop (Noah ERYT500)

19:00 Dinner

Please read carefully and communicate if in doubt.

Teacher training courses are demanding dynamic events requiring a lot of sacrifice and devotion to produce an amazing experience. In turn we expect clarity and commitment from everyone.

Places on the course are limited to 24 students. When we approve your application you'll receive a USD$500 Deposit Payment Link.

Payment of Deposit will confirm your booking this is non-refundable but we will give a place on any course in future.

Please make your full payment for your chosen price package 30 days before the start date to confirm your place on RYT 200 Course.

Cancellation Policy (before 30 days from course start date): We give either 50% refund or a place on a future course (there may be extra charges).

Cancellation Policy (After 30 days from course start date): No refunds will be given, but you can attend a future course (there may be extra charges).

Certification requires attendance of 90% of contact hours and successful completion of all assignments written and practical.

Price Packages

We offer a range of options depending on your needs. Please choose the price package from the menu on the Application Form. A higher priority will be given to students who take packages which include Rooms. Places on this course are limited to 24 students.

  • Basic

  • USD $1000

    • Course Fee
    • No Room
    • No Meals
  • Standard

  • USD $1550

    • Course Fee
    • Shared Room
    • Shared Bathroom
    • All Meals
  • Full

  • USD $2950

    • Course Fee
    • Shared Room
    • Private Bathroom
  • Deluxe

  • USD $2150

    • Course Fee
    • Private Room
    • All Meals
    • Airport Transfer

Noah Mckenna

Noah Mckenna yoga teacher Training India
I was born on January 04, 1972. My Birth Number is 4 and Im drawn to creating stable foundations. Im also a Capricorn and have an innate altruism sensing the needs of situations drive my choices of benevolent necessity.

In 2003 around the time of the second gulf war I decided to leave the west and find my way in Asia. Ive spent many years studying and practicing Yoga living mostly in India. Sparceness and simplicity have been longtime teachers, making my way as a Yoga Teacher and Therapist.

My two daughters have taught me the most about finding balance and keeping things real and connected. I love teaching, its been a wonderful surprise.


Highlights from Sacred Valley, Peru 2016

Highlights from Mysore, India 2011

Happy Graduates

Kerli Yoga Teacher

Thank you for your deep wisdom, critical approach, dedication to teach, transparency, integrity and wonderful humour. The last 3 are superhard to combine but somehow you do it. You empowered me to discover real grace in my asana practice, thought mechanisms and emotional processes. I also found it extremely inspiring how you showed us your vulnerability and shared your own learning process - it builds trust and brings a meaningful lesson about the unfolding that we are all in. You know the saying “when the student is ready the teacher will appear”... So, thank you for appearing! And one very last thing - you also have a talent of neutralizing things.

Kerli Numoja

Yoga Teacher Trainee
Jai Yoga Teacher

Noah McKenna taught me how to teach yoga. His Sukhshanti approach to asana & pranayama allowed me to engage more significantly with both my personal practice and while teaching others.  When i reflect on what i actually teach i can honestly say that much of the content and style is from Noah's teacher training. He is a serious and dedicated practitioner who is very focused on his students and their growth as both yogis and yoga teachers. I have encountered quite a few different teachers of yoga after moving to India in 1997 and can highly recommend Noah for yoga therapy, yoga sessions and teacher training.

Jeremy Jai Oltmann

Yoga Teacher and Tour Guide @ Varanasi Walks
Ivana Topalovic Yoga Teacher

Oh, what a wonderful thing it is to be able to talk about dear Noah and share how grateful I am for that one month experience! His TTC gave me clear picture of what it means to be REAL and FREE inside of anything that you can call yoga. Everything that I learned during the course made this journey of life calmer and more beautiful. Noah is a good friend that will see you, then let you be, and on top of that, he will show you the mastery of taking people to here and now through asanas, pranayama and meditation.

Ivana Topalovic

Yoga Teacher
Seema Seeraj Yoga Teacher

Noah is a kind, patient, extremely knowledgeable yoga teacher who has obviously made it a priority to offer the best yoga information, routine, and energy he can to his students. He is a gentle person which adds to the pleasantness of having learned from him. He is sensitive to individual motivations and capacities while still setting a high standard for learning as a whole. He really cares for the individual and for the deeper reasons of inner journeys that bring us to the mat, and he offers us his tools to help ourselves and others most generously. Noah McKenna is a sweet combination of humble and confident. He knows his stuff and at the same time remains down to earth. His honesty with his students is also very helpful for self-improvement and his encouragement is priceless. He knows how to both appreciate and correct in a very positive way... I walked away with his particular asana routine engrained in my body's memory for a very, very long time to come... and have taught many eager students along the way...! Thank you for your time, energy and wonderful teachings Noah... God bless…

Seema Rahmani

High School Teacher