Noah McKenna M. SC. Chiro

My journey into Yoga began in with regular Iyengar Yoga classes in my hometown of Adelaide. Right away I dropped all competitive sports having found the form of physicality which made me feel just right. During the first trip to India in 1995 began a traditional practice of Ashtanga Vinyasa in an old monastery in Mysore. Though it was when I started a regular daily meditation and pranayama routine in 2003 that I became grounded in Yoga, able to reliably produce a balanced state of mind. From 1989 it took me 10 years of Asana practice before I felt comfortable to start teaching classes I considered worthwhile for students, I was fortunate to have many talented teachers.

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Noah Mckenna Yoga Teacher Training Venice

Parallel to my personal enquiry into Yoga Ive deeply involved in complementary medicine. I completed a degree in Medical Science and a Postgraduate qualification in Chiropractic. Studied Acupuncture in China and many forms of physical therapy. Taken a post graduate course in Clinical Nutrition and explored Breath-work and Transpersonal Psychology. Reading list devoted to Neuroscience the last 5 years.

Based in India since 2003 and annually travelling as a guest teacher to many schools internationally. Certified Teacher Trainer at the E-RYT 500 level with Yoga Alliance since its inception in 2003. Certified as a Yoga Therapist with IAYT and will be an IAYT approved Therapist Trainer faculty member in 2018. Maintained a private practice as a multi-modal Yoga Therapist for many years specialising in yoga related injuries and rehabilitation.

The work I enjoy most is to assist yogis in understanding their own bodies and minds and helping them to make the most of their own practice and avoid the problems and solve difficulties.

Teaching Yoga has been one of the greatest treasures this life has given me. There is something very special about being in that central role of both channel and conductor. Baking in that oven many years the proof of the pudding for me has been the development of a deep sense of trust. Finding the balance between between creativity and discipline never too wet never too dry. I believe self development begins with self acceptance, then slowly and incrementally change becomes tangible. Sharing these powers has taken my trust-sense to a higher plane.

I love it when someone comes to me at the end of a class with a smile and a conspiratorial twinkle in the eye to share with me their secret “Im not really a Yogi and you didn’t even notice?”. This happened to me many times over the years. Proving the value of an inclusive class using a constant narrative. Students achieve a new level of concentration and performance and everyone is happy about it.

My own practice has been changing over the decades. The first 15 years I devoted myself to what my teachers had shown me. The necessity of a good teacher is invaluable. That said I believe creativity to be the ideal partner of discipline. The last decade the forms I work with are evolving more and more in Asana, Pranayama and in Meditation. Practical wisdom is intelligently directed creativity. Simple changes in techniques can resolve many issues. By setting personal priorities about what to practice, how to practice it and how to progress. the practice and especially what not to practice balance comes into focus.

I consider all yoga to be therapy and teach yoga regularly to help alleviate stress related conditions and postural anomalies. Many of the recurring injuries from yoga practice can be alleviated by simple modifications that pay attention to alignment. Compression and over stretching in particular poses leads to soft tissue injuries, by finding supportive alignment many of these pitfalls are avoided and healing occurs. Many times pre- existing soft tissue injury makes many yoga postures inappropriate and modification is required to get the desired effect without the downsides.In workshops and individually.

Clinical Training

Bachelor Medical Science: Adelaide University 1999

Masters Chiropractic Science: Macquarie University 2002

Applied Kinesiology: Chiropractic Module with Dr Ken Keen

Yoga Therapy Doctors Program: SVYASA 2003

Diploma of Acupuncture: Nanjing University of TCM 2004

Diploma of Clinical Nutrition: Postgraduate course with Dr Robert Buist

My Teachers

Iyengar Yoga 1989 - 1996: Shandor Remete

Iyengar Yoga 1989 - 1996: Glenn Ceresolli

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga 1994-2001: BNS Iyengar

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga 1994-2001: David and Simi Roche

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga 1994-2001: Dena Kingsberg

Hatha Yoga 2000-2008: Acharya V Venkatesha

Yoga Therapy: Simon Borg Olivier 1995, 2000, 2017

Professional Achievments

Sanctuary KPG Yoga Teacher and Therapist 2004 - 2008

Bali Spirit 2007

Stockholm: Its Yoga Stockholm, Yoga Yama 2008 - 2010

Sukhashanti Yoga Mysore 2008-2016

Symbiosis Festival, California 2015

People Ive worked with

2008: De Yoga Studio Netherlands: TTC Anatomy

2009: Its Yoga Stockholm: TTC

2010: Michael Gannon Purple Valley Goa: TTC Anatomy

2010: Dena Kinsberg: Yoga Studies Anatomy

2012: R. Alexander Medin Puro Yoga Oslo: TTC Anatomy

2012: Chris Schaefer: TTC Anatomy

2014: Yama Yoga Doha: TTC Anatomy

2015: Om Yoga Casablanca: TTC

2016: Urban OM Stockholm: TTC

About Noah

Valerie Jeremijenko Yoga Teacher

Noah Mckenna is a highly valued guest teacher at Yama Yoga Sutdios. He has visited on numerous occasions over the past 5 years to offer his expertise to our anatomy and pranayama programs and on each visit he has proved to be highly articulate, extremely well informed and very relevant. He has also offered his private yoga therapy sessions to our students and I have received nothing but praise about these. I highly recommend him as a guest teacher and will continue to work with him as both our program and his offerings evolve. By now I have total faith that he will only offer top quality educational programs.

Valerie Jeremijenko

Owner: Yama Yoga Doha
David Roche Yoga Teacher

It has been my delight to have been able to watch you grow and change over the years. You have amazing resilience, determination to learn and keep learning ,and courage to make changes to your life when change becomes necessary.

David Roche

Yoga Teacher
Evelyne Krull Yoga Teacher

Having undertaken my own Yoga Teacher Training with Noah Mckenna, and over the last few years having seen multiple teachers in my yoga studio from other yoga teacher trainings, I can attest that Noah offers something truly unique, valuable beyond the monetary price and conveyed with a depth of experience, dedication and passion that is difficult to find elsewhere. In my experience, Noah's commitment to the highest standard of teaching and quality of practice is unrivaled.

Evelyne Krull

Founder Yogita Studio
Simon Borg-Olivier Yoga Teacher

I have known Noah McKenna for about fifteen years on both professional and non-professional levels. He is a sincere and dedicated yoga practitioner and an excellent teacher. Noah is very approachable and works well with other people. His university background, especially his postgraduate training, and his experience as a highly trained therapist has helped to give him a very intelligent approach to the practices of posture, movement and breathing. Noah's understanding of the body, his friendly personality, and good communication skills allow him to capably share the wealth of his knowledge with other people.

Simon Borg-Olivier

Director Yoga Synergy
Neo Satyam Moreton Yoga Teacher

Noah’s approach to yoga teacher training is very well honed, his content clear & his delivery concise. Its an art to be able to transmit knowledge and wisdom with directed authority yet with a caring compassion and Noah does this brilliantly. I’ve been collaborating with Noah on teacher training courses for some years and continuously marvel at the way he distills key learning concepts and outcomes into pedagogically sound digestible chunks that are extremely well received by trainees. Deeply grateful and honored to walk the yoga path with a a true yogi who’s gifts are deeply grounded in many years of dedicated personal practice and deep spiritual seeking. If you get the chance to study with this man, then carpe diem!

Neo Satyam Mortem

Urban OM Founder & CEO