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Caduceus Resonant Frequency Breathing

What is Resonant Frequency Breathing?

The First Thing: The first thing to understand is that this type of resonance is not an audible thing. I mean you can’t exactly hear it.  Yes sensitive people can be aware of it in the subtlety of the pulse, the breath and the mood. But this type of resonance is not a special sound. It’s really a different type of energy, a silent pattern within the enclosed space of your body. When it happens for extended periods you might notice a shift in the way you feel. Since the dawn of time humans have been able to experience this small quiet introspective potential. Many cultures have described the resonance phenomenon with the poetry of mysticism and developed methods to achieve it using breathing and vocalising techniques. Musical...

Yoga Asana

Vigilance and Fear – Asana for psycho-somatic cleansing

Why do we practice Asana as a vital part of Yoga? I believe the primary reason is that the physical intelligence of the body is a repository for unsatisfying experiences. These memories get stuck in our system if we do not clear them out regularly.  If I had to make a map to describe the current state of my human energy body I would use three axises. High and low energy, positive and negative emotion and inward and outward focus. Yoga seeks to bring consciousness to all corners.. The way we orient to our environment is very important. We are social beings with an amazingly fluid ability to communicate using our body. So we need to navigate through high and low and positive and negative energies internally...

Noah Mckenna Hatha Yoga Teacher Training Twisting

Hatha Yoga

The word “Hatha” comes from the Hatha Yoga Pradipika attributed to the mysterious figure Swatmarama. Hatha has an explicit meaning of force. So then Hatha Yoga has come to be described as the forceful method. Personally I feel “dynamic” might better describe the process of Hatha Yoga which requires the right kind of force directed intelligently to refine the experiential state and create changes in the psychosomatic energy of the adept. Hatha Yoga uses contraction and relaxation to build up and move energy in the body. Activation of muscles and changes in body position modulate internal pressures within the body. This can be done especially with breath muscles to modulate pressure in the pelvic, abdominal and thoracic regions. The word energy gets used frequently in vague ways...

Yoga Asana

How Asana helps Mental Stability

From the outside Asana looks a lot like physical exercise. The definitive factor, the “what” of asana is mental concentration. To say it so bluntly can sometimes miss the point. It takes, as Gauthama Buddha said, the right kind of concentration. Too little interest and the mind cannot be held in place and too much dry physicality and it wanders off to greener pastures. If the contemplation is of the body its all down to sensation and sensitivity. The word exercise gets a bad reputation. Its an old word going back to Latin referring to training soldiers. It has a positive aspect also which could be interpreted as play. Personally these two words exercise and asana are usually interchangeable. they both describe a situation where the...