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Vigilance and Fear – Asana for psycho-somatic cleansing

Why do we practice Asana as a vital part of Yoga? I believe the primary reason is that the physical intelligence of the body is a repository for unsatisfying experiences. These memories get stuck in our system if we do not clear them out regularly.  If I had to make a map to describe the current state of my human energy body I would use three axises. High and low energy, positive and negative emotion and inward and outward focus. Yoga seeks to bring consciousness to all corners.. The way we orient to our environment is very important. We are social beings with an amazingly fluid ability to communicate using our body. So we need to navigate through high and low and positive and negative energies internally...

Yoga Therapy

Topics in Yoga Therapy: Hypertonicity

In this article I will describe a key concept in Yoga therapy known as Hypertonicity. Essentially this word describes a muscle which is held in a contracted state. When this situation is present for an extended period of time it produces many different types of problems. There are many possible interventions to alleviate hypertonicity and I will discuss in detail how Yoga practice achieves it. First then its important to understand that hypertonicity happens to muscles, it does not happen in bones or connective tissue. A muscle is a collection of cells embedded in a connective tissue network which attach to either bones, other connective tissue structures or organs. Muscle tension produces internal forces which might either create movement or stability of the body and muscle...