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Whats new in my approach to Asana and Therapeutic Yoga

There has come a time for me to start logging my work. I haven’t bothered with this during the last 6 months of exploration but as it seems I am moving into uncharted territory i would like to leave some footprints and also some sign that this has indeed been an independent journey. So I started using the Breathing App as a breath frequency guide for Yoga Asana practice in June 2018. It’s been a fantastic help to apply the coherent breathing  frequencies to physical movements during asana. Ive been applying this method to teaching classes with what I feel are very positive results. In my opinion the app is perhaps too dense to use for 90 minute classes. The limitations are that the binaural beats produce too strong an...

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The Natural Breath

A curious thing about breathing is that it happens either automatically or consciously. Whats even more interesting is when we bring our attention to breathing and try not to control it. Controlling is very easy and feels quite solid. We can lengthen or shorten and strengthen or soften our breath. But when we just feel the air moving in the nose and avoid actively participating it becomes very hard to discern if we are totally relaxing. The way that we control the breathing might be more or less dynamic. What I mean is that we can make the breath more intense, thats obvious. Making the breath more gentle can also be a type of control. The natural breath begins when there is an absolute minimum of action while being...

Hatha Yoga – Advanced Pranayama – Polarity Breathing

What follows is essential Hatha Yoga dancing between stimulation and relaxation while cultivating body awareness. Because this is a pranayama  the awareness is deep visceral energy. Beginning with the musculoskeletal system but then diving into abdominal and thoracic pressure and eventually emerging into the subconscious. By feeling internal pressures the emotional overlay is of a richer tapestry than the sensations from Asana. Its normal to experience memories, dreams and emotions during the practice. In fact this practice will push you to a Limbic level of awareness. As this Yoga technique is not meditation its not necessary to maintain tight focus and it is ok to just let go. Some of the delightful applications this work offers is the ability to experience stress and emotion as pure sensation which can be...

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Hatha Yoga

The word “Hatha” comes from the Hatha Yoga Pradipika attributed to the mysterious figure Swatmarama. Hatha has an explicit meaning of force. So then Hatha Yoga has come to be described as the forceful method. Personally I feel “dynamic” might better describe the process of Hatha Yoga which requires the right kind of force directed intelligently to refine the experiential state and create changes in the psychosomatic energy of the adept. Hatha Yoga uses contraction and relaxation to build up and move energy in the body. Activation of muscles and changes in body position modulate internal pressures within the body. This can be done especially with breath muscles to modulate pressure in the pelvic, abdominal and thoracic regions. The word energy gets used frequently in vague ways...

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On Pranayama:

The ancient Yogis discovered that the breath provides entry into our very being. The interesting and unique thing about breathing is that it is possible to consciously breath, yet breathing is normally an unconscious act. By controlling the flow of air and focussing awareness on the action of breathing it is possible to access altered states of consciousness. Imagine: Sit yourself down in a quiet place free from outer distractions, place the body carefully to avoid discomfort. Begin to breath in a rythmic and controlled way focussing awareness on the quality of the breath allow your breath to become smooth and effortless. Gradually lengthening the breath and retaining the inhalation as you hold the awareness fixed and contracted in the core of the somatic field. As the...

Asana in Sanskrit is Posture

Asana in Sanskrit is Posture.

In the ancient writings on yoga there are major two commentators who give advice on the practice of asana. Patanjali composed the Yoga Sutra over 2000 years ago, he gives Asana as one of eight branches of Yoga let us consider his definition and description first: “Sthira Sukham Asanam”, Sadhana Pada Sutra 46 Patanjali says, Asana should be steady and easy. In Sutra 47 and 48 he says to master asana restlessness should be reduced and one should feel timelessness while maintaining the pose. Then the mind becomes free from the dualities of the body. If one has ever tried to sit still for a long time then you know that after a while pain creeps into the body. Thinking that a little movement will alleviate the pain we begin...

Yoga Teacher Training in India

Yoga Teacher Training in India

There are a number of organisations especially yoga alliance which have created has certification program for yoga teachers. Perhaps initially with good intentions to produce a set of recognisable standards for educators to be able to help aspiring yogis to become yoga teachers. However the kind of changes that have taken place in higher education in recent years has produced a bunch of nonsense courses. So you decide to take a Yoga Teacher Training Course in India, from the source, in the motherland. A little research show more choices and advertising than a real estate market in a big city. This article might help you to make smart choices and hopefully find the Teacher Training Course you’ve been searching for you. Finding a yoga teacher is a...