Co-create with Soundmoves Yoga

Profit Sharing

We seek to partner with experienced Yoga Teachers to share their knowledge, skills and passion with our online training students. This will involve sharing your lesson content for the online training course. We will negotiate an hourly content rate with you for your expertise. You will also be part of our affiliate scheme where you will receive a 10% return for every enrolment using that code. Enrolments are securely tracked using the Thinkific platform.

Charity Support

Together let's make this a valuable and ethical learning experience. Our program design makes it possible to co-create a workable TTC allowing you to focus on enjoying the teaching experience and time with students. We aim to present an informed view of Yoga that venerates its history and celebrates diversity with a spirit of inclusivity and service. We intend gifting 10% of profits to Operation Shanti charity.


Yoga Alliance has granted Soundmoves a special provision to support Yoga Teachers due to the Covid-19 situation. We are creating a 500 Hr program to offer training in the Soundmoves method which adapts to suit any style of Yoga. There is plenty of room for carefully selected Guest Teachers to collaborate with relevant and brilliant material. A learning management system enables student to achieve either RYT 200, 300 or 500 Hr certification.

Soundmoves Yoga

After a decades long career as a Yoga teacher, trainer and therapist Noah Mckenna developed Soundmoves as a methodology and creative platform. The first Soundmoves 500 Hr program was held in 2018. We have developed a musical map of breathing with exercises orienting to specific autonomic states. Simply put we pair sounds with a range of move in model which applies to yoga practice or therapy and aligned paradigms.

Things are better together

We can offer you an exciting opportunity to co-create a Virtual Teaching Training course with Noah McKenna at Soundmoves Yoga. Noah is a Yoga Alliance Certified Teacher Trainer with over 30 years of yoga experience.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Yoga Alliance has now opened up online training qualifications.

Together we can connect consenting students with talented teachers to provide the best online course.

We have created an entire course using the Thinkific platform please check out the programme at Soundmoves Yoga.

Guest Presenters

We welcome applications from experienced RYT teachers who feel aligned with this project to join us as a Guest Presenter. You would bring to the course:

  • Experience teaching Yoga Alliance approved courses – TTP, TM, A and P, YTPLE.
  • Experience teaching online, and/or
  • Perspectives on teaching and learning for groups such as pregnant women, men, prisoners, and/or
  • A focus on a particular practice such as restorative, yin, vinyasa, and/or
  • A specialised knowledge base e.g. anatomy, business, marketing etc.

All faculty members receive the same profit-sharing arrangement. If you are accepted we offer a payment $200/hour for video content.

We promise that your content remains your own; you can keep it and reuse it. We will not claim any rights over your work or attempt to resell it after the course finishes. Students will access your contribution with a password for streaming only. No downloads are allowed and we can track viewing to ensure it is not shared.  Access by students is time-limited and depends on the length of the Yoga Alliance Covid Policy. 


We welcome those who feel an alignment with the training we are creating to become a registered Soundmoves Affiliate. This is an opportunity to support your yoga community, connect with others and give teachers an opportunity to offer their gifts and maintain their sense of purpose.

An Affiliate may be an individual yoga teacher, a yoga school or related business. Your level of participation is optional and might be as simple as sharing our event details with your networks across social media. 

We are providing incentives for registered Affiliates to promote enrolments in the 2020 Soundmoves Online Teacher Training course. As an Affiliate, and with our thanks, you will receive a discount code tracked by our Thinkific platform. A student who enrols using your code will receive a 10% discount on the full price of the course and you will receive a commission of 10% upon full payment of the discounted fee.

Affiliates will receive regular updates of our activities and offerings as well as news about Operation Shanti that assists children and families in Mysore, India.  We will be donating a portion of any profits to Operation Shanti to support their charitable work particularly in view of the Covid19 situation in Mysore. And we ask you to also donate to Operation Shanti.

Charitable Wing

International Global Yoga gives back to its roots in humble India.

Soundmoves Yoga are supporting a charity called Operation Shanti. Operation Shanti’s mission is to provide essential human services (food, shelter, education and medical assistance) every day, because only after their basic needs are met can the destitute begin to help themselves.

We’ll be donating a portion of our online training course profits to this incredible charity. They are making a big difference for people in need in Mysore, India home of modern Yoga. This charity needs support more than ever as Covid19 brings another level of challenge to Mysore.

“We make music for breathing, its the sounds and the moves”

– Soundmoves Yoga by Noah Mckenna


Register for Co-Creation

To express your interest in the Co-Creation opportunity, please complete the form below and we’ll be in touch with you directly.


Noah Mckenna is deeply immersed in the traditions of yoga, having studied and practiced widely in India and with Western masters; yet he is open to new ways informed by contemporary research. His pioneering work integrates Stephen Porges’s polyvagal theory with Hatha yoga and specially designed sound to guide movement and breath. It is of great interest to the yoga therapy and integrative healthcare community.

John Kepner

Executive Director IAYT
Tim Feldman Yoga Teacher

I have known Noah Mckenna for about 7 years. during these years Noah has been a driving force in the yoga community in Mysore, India. I have personally witnessed the dedicated and committed efforts Noah is capable of as an organizer and teacher of numerous and on-going teacher trainings year after year, of which I have joined several segments with renowned indian professors of philosophy. furthermore Noah became somewhat an institution for his exquisite bodywork and many a sore yogi, myself included, has found great help and relieve from Noah’s skilled and intuitive hands.

Tim Feldman

Owner: Miami Life Centrer
David Roche Yoga Teacher

It has been my delight to have been able to watch you grow and change over the years. You have amazing resilience, determination to learn and keep learning ,and courage to make changes to your life when change becomes necessary.

David Roche

Yoga Teacher
Simon Borg-Olivier Yoga Teacher

I have known Noah McKenna for about fifteen years on both professional and non-professional levels. He is a sincere and dedicated yoga practitioner and an excellent teacher. Noah is very approachable and works well with other people. His university background, especially his postgraduate training, and his experience as a highly trained therapist has helped to give him a very intelligent approach to the practices of posture, movement and breathing. Noah's understanding of the body, his friendly personality, and good communication skills allow him to capably share the wealth of his knowledge with other people.

Simon Borg-Olivier

Director Yoga Synergy
Neo Satyam Moreton Yoga Teacher

Noah’s approach to yoga teacher training is very well honed, his content clear & his delivery concise. Its an art to be able to transmit knowledge and wisdom with directed authority yet with a caring compassion and Noah does this brilliantly. I’ve been collaborating with Noah on teacher training courses for some years and continuously marvel at the way he distills key learning concepts and outcomes into pedagogically sound digestible chunks that are extremely well received by trainees. Deeply grateful and honored to walk the yoga path with a a true yogi who’s gifts are deeply grounded in many years of dedicated personal practice and deep spiritual seeking. If you get the chance to study with this man, then carpe diem!

Neo Satyam Mortem

Urban OM Founder & CEO
Dina Kingsberg Yoga Teacher

Noah's presentation is clear, accessible and thought provoking. A gift to yogis both new and seasoned.

Dena Kingsberg

Owner Byron Bay Yoga Shala
October 1 @ 06:00 AM - December 31 @ 18:00 PM
Global training for all time zones
October 1 @ 08:00 AM - December 31 @ 19:00 PM
December 1, 2020 @ 06:00 AM - March 31, 2021 @ 17:00 PM