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02 Jul

July 2018 Yoga Teacher Training Course Uppsala Sweden

July 2, 2018 @ 6:00 am - July 28, 2018 @ 6:00 pm

Certified RYT-200 Hr with Yoga Alliance

TEACHERS: Noah Mckenna and Amanda Stjernstrom

LOCATION: Winwin Yoga Uppsala Sweden

COURSE SCHEDULE: Start 7:00 am Monday, July 02, Finish 6:00 pm on Saturday, July 28


Price: 32 000 SEK

Teachers: Noah Mckenna

Noah Mckenna yoga teacher Training India
I was born on January 04, 1972. My Birth Number is 4 and Im drawn to creating stable foundations. Im also a Capricorn and have an innate altruism sensing the needs of situations drive my choices of benevolent necessity.

In 2003 around the time of the second gulf war I decided to leave the west and find my way in Asia. Ive spent many years studying and practicing Yoga living mostly in India. Sparceness and simplicity have been longtime teachers, making my way as a Yoga Teacher and Therapist.

My two daughters have taught me the most about finding balance and keeping things real and connected. I love teaching, its been a wonderful surprise.


Teachers: Amanda Stjernstrom

Noah Mckenna yoga teacher Training India

Yoga is a way for me to listen within. To respect my body, staying open and being curious. My own yoga practice is often dynamic and challenging as a way to transform and channel my high energy states into presence. I like to test my limits without aggression and to challenge my fears with softness and awareness.

I did my second teacher training with Noah, and continued with him for my third. Since then I’ve been assisting and working with Noah for 2 years. I know his teaching approach very well and also use parts of it in my own classes.


TTC Graduates

Maite Weinhold Yoga Teacher

Learning with Noah was a unique experience for me and I can recommend his classes warmly to everybody. In the teachings of Asanas he lies a huge emphasis on listening to the body rather than forcing it into something, and slowly building the practice up while staying connected. Noah is a patient and gentle teacher, looking at every student individually and guiding his students gently. Thanks to his background of studies he is an amazing anatomy teacher as well and creates an understanding of what actually happens in the body during the physical practice of Yoga. His Pranayama teachings were especially valuable for me, following his instructions made me able to feel the positive effects of breathing exercises in a way I didn't before. Generally I can say that Noah has a very special energy and a great knowledge that he shares during his classes, I can only say that I recommend everybody to experience that for themselves.

Maite Weinhold

Yoga Teacher
Yoga Therapy

After a thorough and impressive body posture examination, he guided me into basic asana Ive been practicing for many years and open up my senses to new dimensions of these postures with the result of me doing them in a way more suitable and beneficial for my unique body Constitution. Very appreciated still today. To record the whole session and the individual practices to take home, was a very good call to make it easier to come back to again and again and assist memory of specific details. This inspired me to do the same in my clinical medical practise! I highly recommend Noah for anyone with the intention to create more health and balance in body, mind and life.

David Sjöström

MD at Psykiatri Skåne
Tim Feldman Yoga Teacher

I have known Noah Mckenna for about 7 years. during these years Noah has been a driving force in the yoga community in Mysore, India. I have personally witnessed the dedicated and committed efforts Noah is capable of as an organizer and teacher of numerous and on-going teacher trainings year after year, of which I have joined several segments with renowned indian professors of philosophy. furthermore Noah became somewhat an institution for his exquisite bodywork and many a sore yogi, myself included, has found great help and relieve from Noah’s skilled and intuitive hands.

Tim Feldman

Owner: Miami Life Centrer
Jim Harvey Yoga Therapy

Noah is a true expert on the anatomy of posture and movement. A simple description of my symptoms and concerns were enough to trigger recognition in his encyclopaedic mind. Thanks to his advice, I was able to discard ill-advised from my otherwise excellent yoga teacher and avoid improper use of my knees, and learn to move my elbow differently. If you're injured, Noah will help you heal; if you're not, he'll help you to stay that way; and in either case he'll change the way you see your practice and relate to your body. I would not hesitate to place myself in his hands for healing, or under his guidance for teaching.

Jim Harvey

Daniel Considine Yoga Teacher

I found studying with Noah to be an expansive experience. His extensive background working with the body has given him a valuable, grounded insight for yoga asana and pranayama. He draws from a wealth of experience teaching, and years of dedicated personal practice. I continue to recognize the wisdom in things that he put stress on as I learn to better guide others. Noah’s clear and well rounded approach helped me establish a foundation to grow from as a teacher.aniel

Daniel Considine

Yoga Teacher
Joelle Sie Man Tang Yoga Teacher

Having enrolled with much joy to one of Noah's workshops long ago, I by chance came across his name again in Mysore 5 years ago. I joined his TTC to deepen my own personal practice but suprisingly I did gain confidence in teaching during the course. Noah's patience, experience, passion and honest sharings were inviting me to ask any related questions during the training. His easy accessible teaching guidance gave me invaluable comfort and strength to develop, teach, and continue the yoga path. He is not teaching you the particular way you want it to be done, he is teaching you that which is best and beneficial for a class accordingly to his own professionalism and background. And finally there is no doubt he truly understands the anatomy subject.

Joelle Sie Man Tang

Yoga Teacher
Julia Maximo Ferrari Yoga Teacher

Sukhashanti was the perfect 200Hs training. Noah has a calming, humble, knowledgeable way of sharing his passion. His has been teaching in India for a long time but being a western really brings a great mix of knowledge to his sharing, being able to pass on important alignment technical aspects of the practice as well as softness and soul to each moment. His background on anatomy was very enlightening and his technic of teaching really taught us how to teach. I find that often Yoga schools will teach Yoga but won't teach you how to share it and what I'm most grateful about this training was that I was taught how to teach and from there I had a base to start teaching from and explore my sharing with a strong, simple and powerful foundation.

Julia Máximo Ferrari

Yoga Teacher
Magdalana Banach Yoga Teacher

Noah is one of the most important and greatest yoga teachers I ever met on my yogic path. He is very knowledgeable with regards to anatomy and philosophy and his practical skills in teaching Hatha Vinyasa are impeccable. He is very dedicated and he was able to give me enough confidence to start teaching clasess shortly after finishing 200 TTC. He is open to creativity and very encouraging in finding your own style and your own practice which is according to sukha shanti philosophy . I will definitely attend more of his courses 200 hours and 300 hours as soon as I can.

Magdalana Banach

Yoga Teacher
Zandra Yoga Therapy

I just want to tell you that I have listened to the advice that you gave me. I feel so well in my back and in my hip now! (I used to have pain every week for at least 12 years!) Now its been gone for 3 months solid after doing my own yoga for a year! Even though I lift heavy children at my work every day I don't get any pain.
 It feels as if I have been given my health/life back!
I listen to my body's needs now in a way that i did not before I meet you. You taught me to listen to myself more. I am rich now! Rich in health! Nothing is more important than that! Thank you so much!

Zandra Nordvall

Supriya Yoga Teacher

I just want to congratulate firstly that you have found Noah McKenna on your journey! Seven years down the road, I still recall stumbling accross Noah McKenna's TTC back in 2010. Since graduating I have continued to practice, teach and known how to not mix the two up. That being a yoga teacher is a completely different practice to having my own yoga practice. When I look back, I realise this distinction in Noah's TTC and all others that are out there and what a profound building block it has been for my teaching journey. Noah's TTC helped me decide whether I wanted to become a teacher or not and it prepared me for my future as a teacher. Soon, I plan on referring my long term yoga students to Noah for his one of a kind Teacher Training Program because I know the person will walk out knowing how to teach a class and become open to growth not just as a student but also as a teacher. All I can say is that consider yourself awesome to have chosen Noah as your master for becoming a yoga teacher and you won't look back or around for another.

Supriya Roy

Owner: Seva Yoga
Valerie Jeremijenko Yoga Teacher

Noah Mckenna is a highly valued guest teacher at Yama Yoga Sutdios. He has visited on numerous occasions over the past 5 years to offer his expertise to our anatomy and pranayama programs and on each visit he has proved to be highly articulate, extremely well informed and very relevant. He has also offered his private yoga therapy sessions to our students and I have received nothing but praise about these. I highly recommend him as a guest teacher and will continue to work with him as both our program and his offerings evolve. By now I have total faith that he will only offer top quality educational programs.

Valerie Jeremijenko

Owner: Yama Yoga Doha

All our students loved Noah's workshop. He combines great knowledge about yoga and the physical body in a very interesting and fun way. An absolute recommendation for all yoga students and teachers!

Janneke Wersma

Owner: De Yoga Studio
Youngblood Roche Yoga Teacher

Our shala was doing well. We enjoyed teaching every morning and had led classes in the evening that were well attended. And then, one April afternoon a very strong, very real presence entered our space. It was Noah Mckenna. He came asking only to practice. It took all of two weeks before we were asking him to share his wealth of knowledge with the rest of our 120+ students. What Noah Mckenna did for us and our students was to add theory, theory to our practice, practice. We had over 30 students sign up for Noah's course within the first two weeks of announcing it. Each and every one agreed that if Noah were to ever return to our shala they would be the first to sign up again.

Youngblood Roche

Owner: Ashtanga Adelaide
NIna Spilling Yoga Teacher

Noah is an amazing teacher who gave me great knowledge and understanding of anatomy in the field of yoga. His anatomy course gives great depth and understanding of the human body and how it works, both theoretically and practical. He has great experience in teaching, wonderful communication skills and knows how to create a complete set of asanas in perfect balance. With his interesting background he understands the human body perfectly, its individuality and how to adjust yoga practice to each persons needs in regards to anatomy, injuries, it's strengths and weaknesses. He is also a great inspiration in how to lead a class, communicate, build relations and meet each ones personal needs. I truly recommend his class.

Nina Spilling

Catarina Yoga Teacher

When we had It´s Yoga Stockholm we had the privelage to work with Noah on and off for a couple of years. We are truely grateful to have had him as a teacher. He is an excellent teacher, professional, organized and with a cool style that inspires his students. Thank you Noah for charing your knowledge with us!

Catarina Lacayo

Owner: Its Yoga Nicuagura
Boukje Yoga Teacher

I had a wonderful weekend and it changed my view on yoga. Looking back we did quite a lot of intense postures, but it did not feel like it while doing it. I loved your gentle approach and learned so much more about anatomy and stretching that it really changed and deepened my practice. I highly appreciate your openess to share your knowledge, views and personal experiences with us.

Boukje Theewues

Petra Kalla Yoga Therapy

I honestly think that studying with Noah has saved my practice in several ways. He taught me that by deconstructing the way you approach your practice, whether it may be asana, pranayama or meditation, by calmly looking at the pieces instead of staring blindly at the goal, you can find your way into a practice which will heal you in every aspect of what you are. If trying to find compassion towards your mind and your body it is essential to understand how they function and relate to each other.

Petra Kalla

Certified Yoga Therapist
David Roche Yoga Teacher

It has been my delight to have been able to watch you grow and change over the years. You have amazing resilience, determination to learn and keep learning ,and courage to make changes to your life when change becomes necessary.

David Roche

Yoga Teacher
Evelyne Krull Yoga Teacher

Having undertaken my own Yoga Teacher Training with Noah Mckenna, and over the last few years having seen multiple teachers in my yoga studio from other yoga teacher trainings, I can attest that Noah offers something truly unique, valuable beyond the monetary price and conveyed with a depth of experience, dedication and passion that is difficult to find elsewhere. In my experience, Noah's commitment to the highest standard of teaching and quality of practice is unrivaled.

Evelyne Krull

Founder Yogita Studio
Simon Borg-Olivier Yoga Teacher

I have known Noah McKenna for about fifteen years on both professional and non-professional levels. He is a sincere and dedicated yoga practitioner and an excellent teacher. Noah is very approachable and works well with other people. His university background, especially his postgraduate training, and his experience as a highly trained therapist has helped to give him a very intelligent approach to the practices of posture, movement and breathing. Noah's understanding of the body, his friendly personality, and good communication skills allow him to capably share the wealth of his knowledge with other people.

Simon Borg-Olivier

Director Yoga Synergy
Neo Satyam Moreton Yoga Teacher

Noah’s approach to yoga teacher training is very well honed, his content clear & his delivery concise. Its an art to be able to transmit knowledge and wisdom with directed authority yet with a caring compassion and Noah does this brilliantly. I’ve been collaborating with Noah on teacher training courses for some years and continuously marvel at the way he distills key learning concepts and outcomes into pedagogically sound digestible chunks that are extremely well received by trainees. Deeply grateful and honored to walk the yoga path with a a true yogi who’s gifts are deeply grounded in many years of dedicated personal practice and deep spiritual seeking. If you get the chance to study with this man, then carpe diem!

Neo Satyam Mortem

Urban OM Founder & CEO
Dina Kingsberg Yoga Teacher

Noah's presentation is clear, accessible and thought provoking. A gift to yogis both new and seasoned.

Dena Kingsberg

Owner Byron Bay Yoga Shala
Michael Gannon Yoga Teacher

Noah brought an amazing presentation of yoga anatomy with him to the GAVY Teacher Apprenticeship. I recommend him 100% to any yoga practitioners and teachers that want to understand what is going on within the body during asana practice. All in an exciting, dynamic way. Noah Rocks!

Michael Gannon

Michael Gannon Yoga
Kerli Yoga Teacher

Thank you for your deep wisdom, critical approach, dedication to teach, transparency, integrity and wonderful humour. The last 3 are superhard to combine but somehow you do it. You empowered me to discover real grace in my asana practice, thought mechanisms and emotional processes. I also found it extremely inspiring how you showed us your vulnerability and shared your own learning process - it builds trust and brings a meaningful lesson about the unfolding that we are all in. You know the saying “when the student is ready the teacher will appear”... So, thank you for appearing! And one very last thing - you also have a talent of neutralizing things.

Kerli Numoja

Yoga Teacher Trainee
Jai Yoga Teacher

Noah McKenna taught me how to teach yoga. His Sukhshanti approach to asana & pranayama allowed me to engage more significantly with both my personal practice and while teaching others.  When i reflect on what i actually teach i can honestly say that much of the content and style is from Noah's teacher training. He is a serious and dedicated practitioner who is very focused on his students and their growth as both yogis and yoga teachers. I have encountered quite a few different teachers of yoga after moving to India in 1997 and can highly recommend Noah for yoga therapy, yoga sessions and teacher training.

Jeremy Jai Oltmann

Yoga Teacher and Tour Guide @ Varanasi Walks
Ivana Topalovic Yoga Teacher

Oh, what a wonderful thing it is to be able to talk about dear Noah and share how grateful I am for that one month experience! His TTC gave me clear picture of what it means to be REAL and FREE inside of anything that you can call yoga. Everything that I learned during the course made this journey of life calmer and more beautiful. Noah is a good friend that will see you, then let you be, and on top of that, he will show you the mastery of taking people to here and now through asanas, pranayama and meditation.

Ivana Topalovic

Yoga Teacher
Seema Seeraj Yoga Teacher

Noah is a kind, patient, extremely knowledgeable yoga teacher who has obviously made it a priority to offer the best yoga information, routine, and energy he can to his students. He is a gentle person which adds to the pleasantness of having learned from him. He is sensitive to individual motivations and capacities while still setting a high standard for learning as a whole. He really cares for the individual and for the deeper reasons of inner journeys that bring us to the mat, and he offers us his tools to help ourselves and others most generously. Noah McKenna is a sweet combination of humble and confident. He knows his stuff and at the same time remains down to earth. His honesty with his students is also very helpful for self-improvement and his encouragement is priceless. He knows how to both appreciate and correct in a very positive way... I walked away with his particular asana routine engrained in my body's memory for a very, very long time to come... and have taught many eager students along the way...! Thank you for your time, energy and wonderful teachings Noah... God bless…

Seema Rahmani

High School Teacher

Event Details

Date: July 2, 2018 @ 6:00 am - July 28, 2018 @ 6:00 pm
Time: 6:00 am - 6:00 pm
Venue Winwin Yoga Uppsala Sweden
Address: Winwin Yoga Uppsala Sweden
Organizer Name: Noah Mckenna
Phone: +917996661007
July 2, 2018 @ 6:00 am - July 28, 2018 @ 6:00 pm
Winwin Yoga Uppsala Sweden
August 11, 2018 @ 6:00 am - September 25, 2018 @ 6:00 pm
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