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October 2020

Date: October 1, 2020 @ 06:00 AM - December 31, 2020 @ 18:00 PM
Time: 06:00 AM - 18:00 PM
Venue The Internet
Address: Global training for all time zones
Date: October 1, 2020 @ 08:00 AM - December 31, 2020 @ 19:00 PM
Time: 08:00 AM - 19:00 PM
Venue Soundmoves Online

December 2020

Date: December 1, 2020 @ 06:00 AM - March 31, 2021 @ 17:00 PM
Time: 06:00 AM - 17:00 PM
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Happy Graduates

I believe this teacher training can change anybody's view on Yoga and their practice. Noah has a huge knowledge of all the aspects of Yoga, and goes deep into it to make it accessible to all of his students. He is such a patient teacher with a great sense of humor as well. At the end of his course everybody is able to teach a complete class. I can warmly recommend Noahs TTC to everybody, it's the best choice you can make if you want to learn to become a Yoga teacher.

Maite Weinhold

Yoga Teacher

Incredible journey, I was lucky enough to have a friend recommend Noah to me. Thanks Elif!! Right from the start Noah's passion for yoga was contagious. I also really liked the way that he shared some of the courses resources several months in advance and also wanted an anatomy and philosophy assignment from us upon our arrival. Some of these 200 hour ttcs don't really go into the depth that Noah's course does.

Paul Kelly

Yoga Teacher

Studying with Noah was such a blessing. I highly recommend doing his teacher training or workshops. Noah has a wealth of knowledge and experience that shows. He brings balance and sincerity with his approach and can offer invaluable tools to grow with in your practice and path as a yoga instructor.

Daniel Considine

Yoga Teacher

My best yoga experience so far! Noah is an excellent teacher with deep knowledge and life wisdom. He taught me what is the process of yoga in a subtle but yet powerful way. His great sense of humour also brings a joy to yoga that sometimes is lost. Forever greatful for the experience that stays with me, thanks Noah and Namaste!

Markus Johannesson

Yoga Teacher

This is the perfect course for your first yoga teacher training or for yoga teachers that want to develop their practise, especially their understanding of anatomy. Noah is a genuine person and a real teacher. With his 20 odd years of experience and training as a chiropractor, he gifts his students with incredible anatomy classes. This is reflected in the asana practise. Noah’s foundation in anatomy will impact your personal practise to make it safe for you, but also give you a fundamental understanding of the human anatomy to make the classes you give after the course both safe and worthwhile to your future students. Noah brings breadth and depth to the course helping you to understand yoga philosophy. One of the best things about the course is the daily pranayama. Noah has a passion for pranayama which has deepened my understanding of its relevance in my practise of yoga. The course is fantastic value for money. You will practise teaching from day 1 and build confidence throughout the month, so by the end of the course the teaching side is not at all intimidating. I am SO happy I stumbled across noah’s course and would recommend it to yogi’s who want to develop their practise and even total beginners that are interested in the idea of yoga.

Naomi White

Yoga Teacher

I’m deeply grateful for Noah, for his presence and for his incredible 200h Yoga Teacher Training In Goa which left me heart-opened and helped me also to find my passion. His teaching skills and general approach to teaching, his amazing knowledge of anatomy and his deep interest in philosophy made this TTC just the best. I’ve been always afraid of public speaking and after this course I was able to teach whole 90min class without a problem and I to enjoy it! I didn’t come to a course to be a teacher but that’s what I found - my passion. I feel I have so much to give and because of that I’m deeply grateful for Noah, for everything!

Merit Hein

Yoga Teacher

If you're considering a Yoga Teacher Training - look no further. I would highly recommend anyone to take this course. Not only is Noah incredibly educated in all aspects of yoga but he has an uncanny ability to spread his knowledge as a teacher. Anatomy ties into practice, ties into philosophy... I got so much more than I was expecting and feel confident in my abilities as not only a teacher but for my personal practice as well. The location is perfect, the price is ridiculous... you'd be silly not to go! Noah - I'd love to come back!

Hailey Pobanz

Yoga Teacher

Deciding to do Noah's YTT this year has completely changed my life in the best way possible. Noah is a living encyclopedia for all things anatomy and philosophy, but most importantly he is an outstanding teacher. Noah inspires all his students to dig deeper, think bigger, feel more, and be confident in who they are. The most unique part of this YTT is that you come out of it knowing EXACTLY how to facilitate a complete yoga class! Goa was the perfect setting for this amazing course- you won't find anyone or anywhere better than here, hands down. I would rate this YTT 6 stars if I could!!!

Vidya Tasa-Chadha

Yoga Teacher

The 200 hour yoga hatha vinyasa yoga teacher training (YTT) was fantastic! Noah is a dedicated teacher, and his approach has students gaining practical teaching experience from the start of the course. His unique style to training meant I was confident in teaching a 90 minute yoga class on my own within 3 weeks! The YTT was very comprehensive and covered pranayama, meditation, anatomy, philosophy, asana, kirtan, and other styles of yoga. Noah's understanding and analysis of anatomy and philosophy makes this course incredibly valuable for students who are teaching for the first time, as well as equipping those with previous fitness/yoga experience with a deeper understanding of these two areas. The YTT was all conducted in the beautiful backdrop of Goa!

Alex Keen

Yoga Teacher

TTC with Noah is an experience not to be missed if you are in India! Entire course is designed to make students, confident yet sensitive teachers as well as allowing them to go deep into their own practice. There are daily asana practice, hour long pranayama, theory classes and evening kirtan. Noah masterfully teaches anatomy and philosophy to make it simple and interesting for every level. He effortlessly integrates the knowledge from theory classes into asana and pranayama, making it more relevant and practical. Best thing about the course is Noah's emphasis on spiritual aspect of yoga- through daily practices, he gently guides students to sitting still and be silent.It is a bonus that TTC is held in beautiful Goa!

Shilpa Shah

Yoga Teacher

There aren't enough accolades to describe the YTT 200 with Noah McKenna in Goa, India! Absolutely the best course around! It's packed with highly relevant information about asanas, pranayama, meditation, anatomy, philosophy, kirtan and more. Such focused fun with an abundance of genuine humane togetherness. And instructing each other in smaller groups really creates confidence and trust. Noah is not only an incredible source of information but also pedagogical and teaches with passion. It's contagious! I feel truly inspired and ready to teach. So if you're looking for a YTT in India, this is definitely the one!

Cecilia Anderson

Yoga Teacher

Noah’s training far exceeded any of my initial expectations and provided a space which taught me a magnitude of lessons about the practice of yoga, not just the asana component. Noah provides a very unique training for a few reasons: he actually teaches you how to teach, and you practice this everyday of the course. He personally teaches all of the classes he holds (with the exception of guest teacher classes), which I can guarantee you will be glad he does. Noah also has extensive anatomical knowledge, having an academic based background and a ton of varied experiences to go with it. He presents anatomical information in a way that is 100% digestible and engaging, giving incredible insight not only into the body of potential students but also your own anatomical structure. His philosophy classes had us all sitting around waiting for more, and the daily pranayama and meditation provided a profound personal experience. This YTT retreat is not about how you look in asana, it’s a lot deeper than that - offering a space of authenticity, honesty and growth. I couldn’t recommend a teacher training more, and will be forever grateful for having the privellage of being taught by Noah.

Tess Roberts

Yoga Teacher

had tried 3 teacher training before taking Noah's. It was absolutely the best teacher training I've ever had!!! Noah is such a knowledgeable teacher with such a great heart. I took his teacher training in Peru and then went to India to take it again. Definitely, a must do if you're into deepening your yoga practice and becoming a very solid yoga teacher. Thank you for everything Noah!

Fiorella Fuentes

Yoga Teacher

This was absolutely amazing! The 200 hour yoga hatha vinyasa yoga teacher training (YTT) was so much more than I expected! Noah is the most dedicated teacher I met, and he let students gain practical teaching experience from the start of the course and then every day. This meant that I was confident in teaching after the course and actually started doing some volunteering teaching now! It is wonderful! The YTT included anatomy, philosophy, asana, pranayama, meditation, kirtan, and other styles of yoga. For me a big learning was also to do self practice which I love now. I have my morning program (constructed from what I learned from Noah) where I am moving on to the next posture related to my breath, instead of a teacher's instructions and doing postures which is really benefiting ME. Noah has a deep understanding of anatomy and philosophy which makes the course completely valuable in all aspects! I am so thankful that I had this expiriences and I had so much to bring home to my daily life.

Mai Goth Olesen

Yoga Teacher

The best yoga teacher training I can imagine. Noah is a super skilled, highly intelligent and pragmatic teacher who perfectly combines yoga traditions with modern day sciences. During this yoga course I learned how to practice and teach a safe hatha vinyasa sequence. Noah puts a lot of effort in learning his students how yoga is more than just asanas. I learned a lot about philosophy, anatomy, asanas and pranayama and therefore gained a greater understanding about what yoga is about. At the end of the course everybody was able to teach a 90 minutes class!

Lisa Koster

Yoga Teacher

I can not imagine a better experience than the one I had at this Yoga Teacher Training with Noah in Goa. Noah is a very intelligent teacher with a lot of knowledge. His way of combining yoga philosophy, the practice of asana, yoga anatomy and teaching methodology feels very genuine and professional. I feel like I have got a holistic view of what yoga is. I'm amazed by all the things I learned about the human body and I got all tools to start to teach. The schedule had just the right balance between class and spare time and the place where its hold is just a dream. I definitely recommend it!!! :)

Ameli Hellner

Yoga Teacher

Noah’s Yoga Teacher Training is very real and down-to-earth. Noah shares his wide knowledge and deep wisdom and you will get the guidance to explore your inner being through asana, pranayama and meditation. You can feel it’s a lot of work behind this creation and you can see that Noah is very committed to his own practice, which makes this YTT very special. The biggest gift for me personally was the energy that was put on the teaching methodology. After a month it feels very safe to graduate and start teaching immediately with all the knowledge, wisdom, practice and support this training has giving me.

Amanda Maria Stjernstrom

Yoga Teacher

I completed my TTC with Noah and cannot recommend it enough. He is a precise, authentic and caring teacher, with an extensive knowledge of anatomy and an undogmatic approach that is firmly rooted in tradition(s) at the same time. He not only helped me to sustainably transform my own practice, but has given me the tools to grow into a responsible and well-informed teacher. The course is excellently designed so that each dimension (self-practice, philosophy, anatomy and teaching practice) builds on and enriches the other. The location is incredibly beautiful, surrounded by nature and close to the beach, clean, comfortable and has a restaurant with amazing food. I am already teaching with confidence and great enjoyment, and have received very positive feedback from my students so far. Thank you Noah!

Anna G

Yoga Teacher

Noah McKenna taught me how to teach yoga. His Sukhshanti approach to asana & pranayama allowed me to engage more significantly with both my personal practice and while teaching others.  When i reflect on what i actually teach i can honestly say that much of the content and style is from Noah's teacher training. He is a serious and dedicated practitioner who is very focused on his students and their growth as both yogis and yoga teachers. I have encountered quite a few different teachers of yoga after moving to India in 1997 and can highly recommend Noah for yoga therapy, yoga sessions and teacher training.

Jeremy Jai Oltmann

Yoga Teacher

Oh, what a wonderful thing it is to be able to talk about dear Noah and share how grateful I am for that one month experience! His TTC gave me clear picture of what it means to be REAL and FREE inside of anything that you can call yoga. Everything that I learned during the course made this journey of life calmer and more beautiful. Noah is a good friend that will see you, then let you be, and on top of that, he will show you the mastery of taking people to here and now through asanas, pranayama and meditation.

Ivana Topalovic

Yoga Teacher

Noah is a kind, patient, extremely knowledgeable yoga teacher who has obviously made it a priority to offer the best yoga information, routine, and energy he can to his students. He is a gentle person which adds to the pleasantness of having learned from him. He is sensitive to individual motivations and capacities while still setting a high standard for learning as a whole. He really cares for the individual and for the deeper reasons of inner journeys that bring us to the mat, and he offers us his tools to help ourselves and others most generously. Noah McKenna is a sweet combination of humble and confident. He knows his stuff and at the same time remains down to earth. His honesty with his students is also very helpful for self-improvement and his encouragement is priceless. He knows how to both appreciate and correct in a very positive way... I walked away with his particular asana routine engrained in my body's memory for a very, very long time to come... and have taught many eager students along the way...! Thank you for your time, energy and wonderful teachings Noah... God bless…

Seema Rahmani

Yoga Teacher