Hatha Yoga – Advanced Pranayama – Polarity Breathing

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Hatha Yoga – Advanced Pranayama – Polarity Breathing

What follows is essential Hatha Yoga dancing between stimulation and relaxation while cultivating body awareness.

Because this is a pranayama  the awareness is deep visceral energy. Beginning with the musculoskeletal system but then diving into abdominal and thoracic pressure and eventually emerging into the subconscious.

By feeling internal pressures the emotional overlay is of a richer tapestry than the sensations from Asana. Its normal to experience memories, dreams and emotions during the practice. In fact this practice will push you to a Limbic level of awareness.

As this Yoga technique is not meditation its not necessary to maintain tight focus and it is ok to just let go.

Some of the delightful applications this work offers is the ability to experience stress and emotion as pure sensation which can be purified and transformed into comfort. Then and very differently its also possible to creatively rewrite the story responding in real time as the inner visions are arising.

To perfect this type of hatha yoga try to stay within the comfort zone and then learn to cultivate the blissed out feeling.

The practice below is an advanced technique and not for anyone who has had recent surgery, has high blood pressure, cerebro-vascular disease or bipolar disorders.

That said this advanced Pranayama sequence combines different techniques into a 12 minute practice. The basic elements can be worked into a much more potent one hour practice.

The pressure locks and releases provide major sensory input to the Vagal system. This nerve is embedded deep in the brain stem where it communicates with the autonomic nervous system.

Done right this practice is gently energising as it contains many different effects into a single practice. The autonomic nervous system has a modulatory effect on homeostasis, either calming or energising.

Regular practice of this type of advanced pranayama can reset stress levels and if successful can develop immunity to unwanted stress responses like altered heart function and irregular breathing.

If you are interested to study with me in person please check out the Trainings I offer in Goa, India.



Noah McKenna
Noah Mckenna

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    CS Schafer
    September 20, 2017 at 21:40 PM

    It is about time you started a blog Noah!
    Well written and your delivery of the instructions is super clear and precise for this yoga practice. I felt your gentle guidance throughout, leading me effortlessly from the breath to dharana ( easy concentration).
    Hari Om Tat Sat.

    • Avatar
      September 21, 2017 at 05:41 AM

      Aloha Chris,

      So nice to hear from you thanks for the feedback. Pranayama>Pratyahara>Dharana……. I also find guided practice cant go much further because the language/comprehension/intellect areas of the brain get stimulated…….. Dhyana requires non-linguistic self practice with only somatic sensation.

      Love you guys

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