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Soundmoves Weekly schedule

Soundmoves livestream on FB

Newsflash! Starting July 26 there will be donation based online classes held twice weekly. You can catch the livestream on my timeline: Donations:   Classes are at 5 PM Central European Time (GMT+2). Tuesdays: Restorative Class (75 min) The Soundmoves restorative class uses resonant frequency breathing at six seconds. The rhythm of breathing at this speed brings the lunar energy of parasympathetic heart regulation into phase with the solar energy of sympathetic blood pressure regulation. This produces waves of pressure perfectly timed to deliver oxygenate blood to our cells with the highest efficiency and the minimum effort. Creating a state of physiological abundance for the mind and mood to relax into trust. Thursdays: Pranayama Class (75 min) Soundmoves Yoga uses specially designed music to hold the timing for breathing. The emotive qualities...