Yoga Teacher Training in India

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Yoga Teacher Training in India

Yoga Teacher Training in India

There are a number of organisations especially yoga alliance which have created has certification program for yoga teachers. Perhaps initially with good intentions to produce a set of recognisable standards for educators to be able to help aspiring yogis to become yoga teachers. However the kind of changes that have taken place in higher education in recent years has produced a bunch of nonsense courses.

So you decide to take a Yoga Teacher Training Course in India, from the source, in the motherland. A little research show more choices and advertising than a real estate market in a big city. This article might help you to make smart choices and hopefully find the Teacher Training Course you’ve been searching for you.

Finding a yoga teacher is a very personal journey. What makes someone good for you depends very much on your personality and where in your yoga journey you are.

While Yoga has always been constant as a process of exploration the states of human consciousness. The package it comes in has many varieties. Because of its historic and cultural roots India might be your fist choice if you are looking for tradition.

From the greatest most authentic and historically connected possibilities to a complete disappointment and potentially a dangerous shambles.

Teacher training courses in India are very recent phenomena. This is become the booming industry since the year 2000. There are perhaps a few quality programs and then there are hundred of both indigent and exotic players in the market

So how to spot the good ones and how to avoid the rip-off merchants.

First make a distinction between a Practice intense and a teacher training course. While there are many opportunities to do intensive practice in ashram and in your centres there are very few programs which manage to produce Yoga teachers with much ability.

Spending Time in an ashram in India could be a groundbreaking experience. The spiritual environment of an ashram is designed for the cultivation of compassion and awareness. The approach to yoga practice


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