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Managing Chronic Pain

We all got stuff and as we age we get more stuff. Small things come and go and can be easy fixes. Persistence pain frequently has no easy cure and the reality is to manage it rationally. Yoga practice when optomised for the individual can be a gold mine of solutions.

Redesigning Practice

Customising the whats and hows of daily practice to balance energy and give comfort in daily life. Maintaining a sense of growth, attainment and satisfaction in a regular practice can be complex. Im here to help you find the best formula.

Problem solving

The do's and dont's. All practice is experimental and we cant know if we don't try. But try what? Its all about the tweaks, contra-indications and missing links. My years of experience in Iyengar, Hatha and Ashtanga give me a diverse toolkit to help you to make the right choices.

Body Scan and Prescription

Based on my training in Orthopaepics as a chiropractor Ive developed a new 108 point check up designed for Asana practitioners. The realities of posture and alignment give us a body map. It tells a story of future possibilities for exploration and defence.

Yoga Therapy uses Yoga exercises for health.

My speciality is to assist people who practice Yoga to make the most of the opportunities available to them. My experience as a somatic therapist using both western and eastern approaches has given me a window to learn from Yogis for 14 years.

Fitting the right practice to the individual requires a systematic process and then a trial and reappraisal to see if it is actually working. This work has challenged me to question basic assumptions about yoga practice and about my approach to healing. Always I have had to come back to the basic concepts I learned during my clinical training at University. I find myself spending more time taking a careful history, observing posture patterns and conducting orthopedic tests both standardized and specialized based on asana.

Postural assessment is a process of differentiating between soft tissue patterns of tension and differentiating this from underlying skeletal patterns. The richness and magic begins when we discover where the nervous system is holding muscles in contracted states. Muscle and strength test reveals the basic level of muscle strength. Weakness is a major factor in Inbalanced posture, the other is tension and the last is genetic skeletal patterning for which acceptance is advised.

Yoga Therapy uses Yoga exercises for health

Booking Sessions

The way I work is to spend quality time with a client. I like to incorporate all your practice experience and personal history and make a new path ahead that connects with the old ways. We work together daily for two weeks taking enough time to realise where we are and where we want to be and how to get there.

Availablity: Ill be in Goa From September till May. Bookings can be made for the 1st and the 15th of each month except for November 2107 , January and March 2018. Please contact me with the application form to check availability. I work with only 2 clients for each two week period.

When planning your visit to Goa you'll need to take care of all your travel and accommodation needs I am affiliated with a few Yoga Centres in North Goa to provide a perfect setting for our work and to make your stay enjoyable.

Start Dates for Yoga Therapy Programs: 2017, Oct 2 and 16, Dec 04 and 18. 2018, Feb 12 and 19, April 09 and 23, may 7 and 21.

  • Cost

  • $1900

    10 Sessions
    • Skype Interview
    • 10 two-hour private sessions
    • Practice review
    • Whole body postural assessment
    • Muscle Testing
    • Orthopaedic exams
    • Diagnostic Imaging Referral
    • Video record of sessions
    • 3 month practice plan
    • Skype Follow-up after a month
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I have had the good fortune to spend the last 6 years focussing my work on yoga and yogis.

Ive spent years living in Mysore India where there is a large and diverse mix of people coming to practice asana. The kinds of people who come to me for sessions fall basically into two categories, those who are using yoga to heal and overcome pre-existing conditions and those who have become injured with their practice.

The work I enjoy most is to assist Yogis to understand their own bodies and minds and help them to make the most of their own practice and avoid the pitfalls. Simple changes in techniques can resolve many issues and then setting priorities about what to practice, how to practice it, how to progress the practice and especially what not to practice. I consider all yoga to be therapy and teach yoga regularly to help alleviate stress related conditions and postural anomalies. Many of the recurring injuries from Yoga practice can be alleviated by simple modifications that pay attention to alignment. Compression and over stretching in particular poses leads to soft tissue injuries, by finding supportive alignment many of these pitfalls are avoided and healing occurs. Many times pre-existing soft tissue injury makes many Yoga postures inappropriate and modification is required to get the desired effect without the downsides.

Nowhere else in the world would a therapist be able to regularly assess and treat so many yoga related injuries. I have had scores of patients with knee problems, spinal hypermobility and compression, shoulder strain and rib subluxations. These are some of the common and regularly recurring syndromes I treat. Also there have been many interesting and fascinating cases where people have unusual alignment issues.

The way I apply therapeutic interventions has also changed over time. Rarely am I using my treatment modalities as a chiropractor, acupuncturist and body worker. I find these treatments most useful for acute conditions. For long term postural patterns and for managing chronic somatic issues Yoga Asana is my treatment of choice. I have adopted asana as my primary form of medicine and believe that asana can be prescribed with detailed specificity to achieve particular results.


The approach I have towards Yoga Therapy is informed by many influences. Essentially the treatments I prescribe are Yoga based exercises for rehabilitation and optimisation. But the perspective available to me as a therapist is multi-modal.

Very grateful for the hard work and learning that is required for clinical training as its given a very clear method to be of service. Diagnostics is like detective work and takes years to master. Reaching realistic conclusions from a fact base forms the left brains grasp of a clients situation.

Meeting that persons needs is an intuitive process. Informed by my own personal therapy  journey, evolution as a therapist and gestalt therapy work. Personally I find satisfaction when I can help people understand their own mind and body with clarity and how best to work with Yoga for their unique situation.

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Yoga Therapy

Every individual has their own patterns inherited from genetic, cultural and personal influences. Our body takes on specific form, or metabolism has its programs and our psyche melds to design.

Yoga Therapy uses Yoga to support the needs of a person on physical, psychological and spiritual levels. Some of the work is to challenge and change in a positive way the underlying makeup of an individual but mostly we want to maintain balance and integrity. A little wisdom goes a long way in the choice of which, how, when and where to make Yoga a place in your life.

My own department has been focussed on the physical plane of Yoga Therapy. Having said that I continue to work implicitly on the other levels.  I love rationality and a nuts and bolts approach backed up with a grasp of how complex systems are better integrated than confrontational simplicity.


Meaning “done by hand” Chiropractic utilises soft tissue manipulation and joint adjustments. I prefer to let Asana do the work of positioning joints but I am ever grateful for my clinical training as a chiropractic for its wholistic approach and the great detail afforded to diagnosis of kinesiological and orthopaedic situations.

To be honest I was never such a great manipulator of joints and also never convinced that these interventions provide a cure all. Sometimes though its just the trick that opens or closes a troublesome door.

The Chiropractic approach looks at a persons posture and joint movement isolating blockages to allow the flow of information through the nervous system. Chiropractors have uncovered many secrets to the complex chain of articulations which make up our body and corollaries with organic function.


Ayurveda is considered a sister science to Yoga, the two meet in Yoga Chikitsa or Applied Yoga Therapy. My studies included a Yoga Therapist program which took Ayurveda as a base for placing the body within a bio-psycho-social model.

Ayurveda gives a language to describe the unique abilities and needs of individuals and a methodology for implementing specific Yoga Practices. The classification of an individuals make up is known as Dosha theory.

This fascinating system has one amazing feature, the Doshas functions fit neatly into those of the three embryological germ layers endoderm, ectoderm and mesoderm. This bridges the physical form of a person with their metabolic patterns.

Ayurvedic Yoga Therapy precludes a one size fits all approach and is reflected in the latter work of Sree Krisnamacarya’s investigations.

TCM: Acupuncture

I studied TCM at University in Nanjing China in 2004 and have used acupuncture as an intervention and treatment for many years. The Chinese system has developed and evolved over many years to provide an integrated model of psychosomatic connections. There is a systematic approach which easily fits with to the framework of Hatha Yoga.

TCM is made of three departments herbal, physical and energetic medicine. It was of great interest to compare the field with Ayurveda and also to see how Traditional Thai Medicine synthesized the two into a hybrid.

One governing theorem of TCM is the existence of energetic channels in the body and health then as a balanced state of energy storage, release and flow between the various organic systems within the body.

Informed by Chiropractic, Ayurvedic and TCM there is one feature that has allowed me to avoid dogmatic interventionism. This is to look at the clients function and to try to perceive what is true and valid in the presentation. The moon, not the fingers…. dont get caught looking at the lens, look through. Yet to have many perspectives has been a blessing.

I use acupuncture infrequently as a treatment but do find it valuable for particular situations.


After completing my Post Graduate Degree in Applied Chiropractic I took Dr Robert Buist’s Clinical Nutrition Program back in 2004. Clinical Nutrition is the medicinal use of foods and has exploded into popularity in the last 10 years.

There are many helpful and interventionist possibilities available which might be very important to support a physical therapy program.A vital aspect in any wholistic approach to health nutrition covers both supportive and causal factors.

While a smaller aspect of my work Nutrition is always included as part of a checklist for helpful factors.


My experience with pranayama covers two decades and its in the last 5 years that I have really dived deep. In 2015 I took courses with Dr Stanislav Grof and Leonard Orr, pioneers in the modern field of Breathwork in search of answers.

As a teacher of pranayama its been eye opening to see just how unique each persons needs are. Incorporating breathing therapeutically modulates the effectiveness of physical exercise. However the beneficial effect of maximising immune function by induction of the parasympathetic dominant state which greatly supports healing.

Breathing and Pranayama has been the focus in my investigation especially in the last 5 years after a 10 year sojourn into mindfulness meditation from 2003-2012. Ive found that breathing shortcuts the healing process and manages stress more effectively than physical or psychological processes.

I love to teach breathing techniques and customise to the ability and type of client Im working with.


Yoga Therapy

After a thorough and impressive body posture examination, he guided me into basic asana Ive been practicing for many years and open up my senses to new dimensions of these postures with the result of me doing them in a way more suitable and beneficial for my unique body Constitution. Very appreciated still today. To record the whole session and the individual practices to take home, was a very good call to make it easier to come back to again and again and assist memory of specific details. This inspired me to do the same in my clinical medical practise! I highly recommend Noah for anyone with the intention to create more health and balance in body, mind and life.

David Sjöström

MD at Psykiatri Skåne
Tim Feldman Yoga Teacher

I have known Noah Mckenna for about 7 years. during these years Noah has been a driving force in the yoga community in Mysore, India. I have personally witnessed the dedicated and committed efforts Noah is capable of as an organizer and teacher of numerous and on-going teacher trainings year after year, of which I have joined several segments with renowned indian professors of philosophy. furthermore Noah became somewhat an institution for his exquisite bodywork and many a sore yogi, myself included, has found great help and relieve from Noah’s skilled and intuitive hands.

Tim Feldman

Owner: Miami Life Centrer
Jim Harvey Yoga Therapy

Noah is a true expert on the anatomy of posture and movement. A simple description of my symptoms and concerns were enough to trigger recognition in his encyclopaedic mind. Thanks to his advice, I was able to discard ill-advised from my otherwise excellent yoga teacher and avoid improper use of my knees, and learn to move my elbow differently. If you're injured, Noah will help you heal; if you're not, he'll help you to stay that way; and in either case he'll change the way you see your practice and relate to your body. I would not hesitate to place myself in his hands for healing, or under his guidance for teaching.

Jim Harvey

Zandra Yoga Therapy

I just want to tell you that I have listened to the advice that you gave me. I feel so well in my back and in my hip now! (I used to have pain every week for at least 12 years!) Now its been gone for 3 months solid after doing my own yoga for a year! Even though I lift heavy children at my work every day I don't get any pain.
 It feels as if I have been given my health/life back!
I listen to my body's needs now in a way that i did not before I meet you. You taught me to listen to myself more. I am rich now! Rich in health! Nothing is more important than that! Thank you so much!

Zandra Nordvall

Petra Kalla Yoga Therapy

I honestly think that studying with Noah has saved my practice in several ways. He taught me that by deconstructing the way you approach your practice, whether it may be asana, pranayama or meditation, by calmly looking at the pieces instead of staring blindly at the goal, you can find your way into a practice which will heal you in every aspect of what you are. If trying to find compassion towards your mind and your body it is essential to understand how they function and relate to each other.

Petra Kalla

Certified Yoga Therapist